"We considered many Asheville custom home builders before selecting Judd Builders. We are convinced we found the best one. We selected Judd Builders because we were impressed with their integrity, helpfulness, openness, and willingness to meet our desires at what we considered a reasonable price.

Despite our personal best efforts to plan prior to construction beginning, building a house from scratch has proven much more complex than we imagined. Having a custom home built is a formidable task in itself. When you don’t live in the area, it is extremely so. Judd Builders always kept the lines of communication open. They quickly made us aware of unforeseen circumstances, they proposed solutions or alternatives, and were open to our ideas.

There were so many decisions to be made, it often became almost overwhelming. Their advice was invaluable in helping us choose everything from materials, to appliances, to colors. They checked with multiple suppliers to get the best prices for us, and even sometimes were able to reduce those prices further. The personal attention the Judds have given us and the amount of time they’ve spent assisting us have been nothing short of spectacular."

Jim and Dianne Stramler
Houston, Texas

"Our experience with Judd Builders has been very positive. They have been responsive and flexible. Their crews are professional, friendly, and they clean up thoroughly at the end of the day. That's important when you are basically living with the work crews day after day. The only problem was that our choice of a tile floor for the porch meant winter weather delayed the completion until we had a series of warmer days in early spring. No remodeling job comes without surprises, but it has been worth it as the final product turned out even better than we had hoped. This level of quality doesn't come from the lowest bidder. We knew that going in. But you get what you pay for, and we wanted high quality without wasting our money, and that is what we received. I would highly recommend Judd Builders to anyone looking for an Asheville builder who can deliver a product that will enhance the long term value of your home."

Robert Selwyn
Asheville, NC

"WE LOVE OUR NEW HOME!! From the unique, beautifully handcrafted beams in the living room to the spectacular windows that soak in our gorgeous mountain view, the Judd team enabled us to build our dream home. The Judd’s supplier contact facilitated us in selecting just the right internal and external doors that make the look and feel of our handcrafted home perfect. The paint and finishers gave us an old world look to our home that makes us feel we’re in Italy!

But building with the Judds is not just about the look. It’s about loyalty and dedication. We had a serious set-back in our construction process caused when ALL of the windows in our home leaked during a major storm. As the Judd’s worked on getting them replaced, they discovered that the original manufacturer had gone out of business soon after our defective windows were delivered. They diligently pursued window replacement with the distributor, who, because of the good relationship Judd Builders had established, replaced all of our windows with one of the highest quality windows on the market. They are beautiful, fully functional and leak free! Both John Judd Sr and John Judd Jr stuck by us through the whole process, protecting our interests and working out all of the details to ensure that we had the highest quality product in the end. That’s loyalty and dedication!

In our extensive search for the right Asheville custom home builder to build our unique dream home on our farm, the designer recommended Judd Builders as one of the few who had built this complicated plan successfully. We visited them at their home which they built in Asheville, NC and knew immediately that they were the home builders we wanted to work with. Their home, our same plan, was beautiful and their hospitality welcoming. We chose them on the spot!"

Mark and Oneata Fioravanti
Sweetwater, TN

"My wife and I recently worked with Judd Builders on a remodel of our kitchen, dining room and living room. The entire remodel was pretty involved, since we removed entire walls and basically replaced everything else in this living space. Judd Builders helped greatly in our planning in all aspects of this remodel project. We relied on their expertise to plan styles and materials that worked to make our new space fit our needs. As in any home remodel, we had plenty of in-progress questions and changes to think through. Judd Builders communicated with us throughout. We had access to many different options and ideas, largely because of the background that this custom home builder brought to the project.

We couldn’t be more happy with the results. The space is exactly what we had hoped we could realize when we first began planning the remodel. The quality of the workmanship is excellent. Along with this, we came in right on our budget! We have to say “Thanks!” to Judd Builders and their entire staff for making our dreams come true. We’re so pleased with this remodel that we’re starting to plan the remodel of the rest of our house! We would recommend them to anyone building a new home or remodeling in Asheville."

Don and Gail Johnson
Fairview, NC

“Judd Builders are client oriented and have an eye for detail that set them apart from other remodelers. They guided us through the entire process like we were family. We are very pleased with the renovation projects they’ve completed in our home and would highly recommend their team. Every step of the remodel was handled efficiently and professionally. The final results of our kitchen, living room and bedroom remodel have exceeded our expectations. They were highly recommended to us by friends and we don't hesitate to recommend them to family and neighbors.”

Doug and Sandy McKinney
Asheville, NC

"We enjoyed greatly working with Judd Builders. Their attention to detail and creative solutions to problems were very helpful. Their service did not stop when we moved in; they have gone out of their way to insure we experienced a smooth transition into our brand new home. Following our custom home building experience we would definitely recommend Judd Builders as well as the subcontractors they choose to work with."

Morris and Tracy Hatalsky
Fairview, NC