Our Home Building Process | Judd Builders Custom Homes

Building a custom home is a very exciting and rewarding experience. Judd Builders understands that in order to have a successful outcome, it is important to trust one another. As a key part of that experience, a goal of Judd Builders is to establish a relationship of mutual trust and understanding prior to building your home. Key components of our custom home building process include the following:

Initial Discussions

During the introductory meeting we strive to gain a better understanding of our clients’ needs and desires. The end goal of this meeting is to ensure that your new home ultimately becomes a direct reflection of you.

Home Site Evaluation

The next step in our process is the “Homesite Evaluation.” The purpose of this meeting is to thoroughly understand the unique characteristics of building on your home site and how they will affect the home building process.

Preliminary Design

Judd Builders has established relationships with a number of experienced architects who can assist you in the design of your future dream home. Have an architect of your own that you’re already working with? We are just as happy to collaborate with an architect that you’ve selected.

Design Revision

Designing your custom home is an interactive process where we highly encourage your involvement. We work together during this process to make certain that all of your needs and desires are a part of the final plan and become a reality.


Once your design is finalized, we provide detailed pricing based upon your stated specifications.


Our contract provides a detailed description of every aspect of your home’s construction and mutually agreed upon specifications.

Plan Review

Prior to construction, we meet with you and carefully review your house plans and specifications. Concurrently, you will also be introduced to your project manager who will guide you through every phase of the construction process.


Depending upon the size and complexity of your new custom home, actual construction usually takes somewhere between 10-14 months. Using time-tested construction methodologies and experienced trade professionals, we follow a strict process ensuring that no detail of your home is overlooked.

Customer Care

We are with you during every phase of the construction process in order to ensure your complete satisfaction from start to finish. If at any time, you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to make us aware.


Buldertrend is software that allows for the homeowner and Judd Builders to communicate, remain organized, and work as a team during the building process. It tracks selections so no details are missed, offers to do lists for the homeowner to make timely selections, provides a timeline of the building process, and daily logs created by crew leaders allows the homeowner to remain informed throughout the homebuilding process.