New Home Trend: Home within a Home

on Friday, 12 July 2013. Posted in Asheville Luxury Homes

Home within a Home: Secondary Living Spaces

New Home Trend: Home within a Home

One of the new, popular trends in custom home building is the concept of a home within a home. More and more commonly, two generations are sharing the same living space.

Alan Jones, Arizona division president for Lennar states, “Imagine a home that contains a separate apartment with its own sleeping area, kitchenette, bathroom and perhaps even garage. A door connects it to the rest of the house, Jones says. "This allows them to come back and live with you, but not on top of you."

Whether it means that your adult children are moving back home with you, known as the “boomerang” effect, or that your parents have moved in to alleviate issues with the aging process, designing a home within a home is a smart move.

The benefits of a secondary living space within the traditional living space do not stop at convenience for family members. Such a feature can be seen as potential rental income, making mortgages more affordable and resale value (should you decide to sell) dramatically increased.

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