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Is a Production or Custom Home Builder Right for You?

Written by Judd Builders on Tuesday, 31 January 2017. Posted in Asheville Custom Home Builder

The Factors that Will Help You Choose a Builder

You may think right from the get-go you know the answer that’s right for your family and situation but there are things to consider that you may not have thought of. Both custom home builders and larger production builders or tract builders have positive and negative aspects to their processes, pricing, customer service and timing.

Think first about what level of customization you want. Both Custom home builders and production builders will give you choices and ask for design input, but the amount of control you want may be the deciding factor.

Let’s talk about the differences between these two types of builders for a minute.

A production builder typically has you choose one of their home plans and allows you to customize certain aspects of the home such as flooring, cabinetry, paint and countertops from a library of options they offer through their vendors. These new home construction companies usually are building multiple homes simultaneously in the same neighborhood or area.

Positives about production home builders:
•Most offer home and land as a package
•Many of the homes are in planned communities which may have amenities
•Pricing of homes reflects the efficiencies builder experiences building multiple home simultaneously
•You’re able to select your style and include it in exterior and interior design of home

Negatives about production home builders:
•Many new home construction companies build quality homes but there are also tract home builders with a reputation for quick, low quality builds
•Houses in planned communities can look cookie-cutter in style
•The same types of materials used to build your house and your neighbors’ new homes are the same. Materials are often bought in bulk
•There can be little room for negotiation
•Upgrades to their base plan can be costly

Custom home builders give you the freedom to make more design choices than a tract builder. A custom home is unique to the client and the builder who builds it. You work as a team collaborating on all details to create a one-of-a-kind home. After you choose a custom builder the process usually starts with finding land and an architect to create plans.

Positives about custom home builders:

•You decide where to build
•You supply your plans or hire an architect
•You’re more involved in the building process
•You choose the products and finishes
•You create the home of your dreams (within your budget!)

Negatives about custom home builders:
•Custom builders typically build higher end properties so it may not be a good fit depending on your wants and needs
•Custom builders’ reputations are built on the quality and uniqueness of the new construction they build so it may be hard to find one that will cut corners and work with a lower end budget
•Due to the customization and details involved with a new custom home it may take longer depending on the builder’s schedule and processes
•Your full trust is with the builder so do your homework by getting numerous references, contacting the Better Business Bureau, touring homes they’ve built, etc.

As you can see from above there are many things to consider before choosing if a production or custom home builder is right for you. As with any major investment, research as much as you can and get to know who you will be working with. You could be talking to them daily so be sure they are straight-forward and a good communicator.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Gift Ideas

Written by Judd Builders on Friday, 02 December 2016. Posted in Asheville Custom Home Builder, Asheville Luxury Homes

Three projects you'll enjoy making and giving this Christmas

Love the look of reclaimed wood? If you've looked at any of the photos of the rustic Asheville homes we’ve built, you know we do too. We love the history and richness of reclaimed wood and try to incorporate it into as many projects as our clients will allow us. If you’re feeling crafty this Christmas, we have 3 DIY projects your friends and family will love receiving as gifts. If you don’t consider yourself handy, visit your local Lowe’s or Home Depot and they can help you get the supplies you need. Nothing beats a handmade gift from the heart that will be treasured for years to come.

Pallet Wine Rack
Pallet wood is easy to find and can be easily repurposed into lots of interesting items for the home. It seems like a no-brainer, but always make sure the wood is untreated and in good condition.

You’ll need pallet wood, sandpaper, a drill, hammer and nails.

(find full building instructions on lifehack)

How to DIY Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack


Floating Shelves
Turn wall space into display and storage space with floating shelves. These are budget-friendly and don’t require a contractor’s license to make!

You’ll need a miter saw, wood glue, brad nailer, level, 1x2 and 2x3 boards, plywood and wood screws.

(find full building instructions on Not Just a Housewife)


floating shelves made of reclaimed wood


Picture Frame
If you look at Pottery Barn, West Elm, Wayfair or any other home décor website and you’ll find picture frames that are made from upcycled wood for sale for big bucks. 

You’ll need reclaimed wood, a miter saw, carpenter square, flat corner braces, a screw driver and photo hanging hardware.

(find full building instructions on Designer Trapped in a Lawyer)

Reclaimed Wood Picture Frame


Ask the Builder: A Q&A with John Judd, Sr.

Written by Judd Builders on Friday, 16 September 2016. Posted in Asheville Custom Home Builder, Asheville Luxury Homes

How a client's vision comes to life in phases


We get very excited about new jobs. Whether it's a new build or renovating a historic home, we get a little giddy on the first day of starting the project. In November 2014 we partnered with a client to renovate a home that is more like a piece of artwork (all homes are art to us but this one takes the cake)! Here is John Judd, Sr's take on the project that become a two year long passion project. View the full photo gallery.

Q: What is your favorite thing, part, or detail about the work you've done on this house? A: My favorite part of the project was working with a client that had a clear vision of the finished product.

Q: What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome with this project? A: Because we weren't a part of the original build, we were constantly finding areas that were different than what was on the plans. We were able to overcome the challenges by approaching everything knowing we weren't sure how it was done by the previous builder and doing a lot of exploratory investigating prior to ordering materials or giving estimates of cost.

Q: How many people worked on this project? A: Around 30 sub-contractors from as far away as Texas and Florida contributed to the home interior and exterior renovation, outdoor entertaining pavillion, pool installation and log cabin build.

Q: What is the next phase for this project? A: We have plans for a barn with a living area above ready to build. It says a lot about both parties to be better friends after almost three years of building, than when you first met.

Prepare Your Home for Cooler Weather

Written by Judd Builders on Wednesday, 25 September 2013. Posted in Asheville Custom Home Builder

Easy Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Long, hot summer days are being replaced with shorter, cooler ones now that Autumn has arrived. With each new season homeowners should remember there are things you can do to reduce the wear and tear on the exterior of your home and yard. Follow our tips for preparing your home for cooler weather

Heating System
-Before you use your furnace for the first time, make sure it is working properly by hiring a technician to take a look at it and make repairs if necessary. Furnace repairs can be very expensive so a regular tune-up can help cut down on large repair bills and will likely help you save energy.

Don't forget to check your vents and have a chimney sweep performed before your first fire. Chimney sweeps should be scheduled annually to reduce the risk of fires.

-Check for carbon monoxide. Known as the silent killer, it can be detected with an inexpensive test or battery operated alarm.

-If your heating system uses gas, be sure to call and schedule your propane or oil delivery. Don't wait until the first cold day or you could be put at the bottom of a long list of deliveries and have to wait days.

To ensure snow and rain properly drain from your roof, have your gutters cleaned after the majority of leaves have fallen from trees near your home. More debris than you think gets stuck in our gutters and they can clog water that can damage the exterior and interior of your home.

Frozen pipes that burst can cause major damage. Turn off the water supply to outdoor faucets, disconnect water hoses, and insulate any exposed water or draining pipes that are located in uninsulated areas like crawl spaces.

Exterior Check
Take a few minutes to examine the exterior of your home and pay special attention to the roof to make sure your roof is in good condition and doesn't need repairs. Also, check out the trees surrounding your house and make sure there aren't limbs that need to be removed before the snow season begins.

Spending a few hours to examine and check your home before the cold weather comes, winterizing will help you save time and money in the long run. A home is the biggest purchase most people will ever make so take care of it!


House Plan We Love: The Cherokee Cottage

Written by Judd Builders on Wednesday, 12 June 2013. Posted in Asheville Custom Home Builder

Garrell Associates Craftsman Style House Plan

Accents of shake, stone and timber compliment the exterior of this exceptional house plan design creating dramatic curb appeal. This Craftsman style home plan features a spacious family oriented lodge room at the heart of this home that opens to a gourmet kitchen highlighted with a center island. A private master suite is adjacent to the kitchen and showcases a large wardrobe and a luxurious bath. Two secondary bedrooms with private baths round out the main level of this beautiful home. Outdoor living spaces include both a covered porch and an open deck ideal for entertaining family and friends. -Garrell Associates

Plan Width:
Plan Depth:
Master Bedroom:
Master Down
Half Baths:
1st Floor:
2nd Floor:
Total SQFT:
2,836 sq.ft

Judd Builders, an Asheville, NC home builder, can work with you to customize any Garrell Associates house plan or we will work with the architect of your choice to bring your Asheville custom home vision come to life. Call us at 828-274-4448 to discuss building your new home or remodeling your existing home.

Product Spotlight: TimberTech Composite Decking

Written by Judd Builders on Friday, 31 May 2013. Posted in Asheville Custom Home Builder

Increase the value of your home with low maintenance, safe & durable decking.

When building a deck onto your home, the choices in design are as numerous and varying as your options for materials. Judd Builders, an Asheville, NC home builder, has experience working with a company based in Wilmington, Ohio called TimberTech.

TimberTech’s website offers planning tools such as an idea starter, a deck designer tool, and free deck plans. TimberTech’s composite decking and railing products offer low maintenance, a 25-year warranty, and increased home value.

Wood decking requires annual maintenance such as restaining or repainting. Whereas, Timbertech’s composite decking maintains its color for years, and is resistant to mildew, insects, and warping.

Timbertech’s products also significantly increase property value. And with a warranty that is transferrable to a second homeowner, adding a new composite deck to your remodel could fetch considerable returns when reselling your home. On their website, the company offers this interesting statistic; Remodeling Magazine's 2009-2010 Cost vs. Value Report estimates a national average of 71% return on investment for composite deck additions. This is a similar or better return on investment than projects such as bathroom addition, bathroom remodel and major kitchen remodel.”

Allow Judd Builders the opportunity to discuss your building project in time to enjoy your new deck this summer. Call us at (828) 274-4448, today.


10 Important Questions to Ask Your Builder

Written by Judd Builders on Friday, 24 May 2013. Posted in Asheville Custom Home Builder

Get the answers you need when you’re interviewing new home builders.

Pricing, craftsmanship and location are factors to consider when looking for the right builder for your new home. Once you’ve narrowed down your preliminary list and start to meet with home builders, ask these important questions.

-How many years have you been in business and how many homes have you built?

-Do you have house plans available and if so, can changes be made to them?

-What type of home warranty do you provide to homeowners?

-Who will be my primary contact during the project and how will they keep me updated on issues and progress?

-Can you provide potential clients with references that are available to speak about their experience building with you?

-Can I tour a home you built for another client?

-Why is your company better than other home builders? What makes you different?

-Will you build on land that I purchase or do you only build in planned communities?

-Do you have a final walk-through after the home is built?

-How and when will the final price of my home be determined?

Obviously there are other important questions that you will want to ask, but this list is a good starting point. You will be spending a lot of time with the home builder you choose, so be sure you feel comfortable communicating custom with them and feel that they are straight-forward and trustworthy. The journey of building a home can be exciting, fun, confusing and emotional. It’s much more than just an investment of money! We hope this blog post will help you navigate the finding a home builder process. If we can help with your new custom home or home remodel, feel free to call us at (828) 274-4448.


Hot Kitchen and Bath Countertop Materials

Written by Judd Builders on Tuesday, 14 May 2013. Posted in Asheville Custom Home Builder

Top Trends in Countertops for Kitchens and Baths

Has granite lost its luster? Many kitchen designers seem to think it has been dethroned. It’s still a favorite among many of our new home and remodeling customers, but we’re hearing more and more about these materials from our customers and suppliers. Consider all of the pros and cons of these counter options when remodeling your kitchen or bath.

Soapstone (pictured above)
Soapstone counters are stain resistant, heat resistant and will develop a patina with some character marks or dents. Applying mineral oil will enhance the color and sheen. Colors range from green to black with varying degrees of veining. Soapstone countertops look great in traditional, classic or transitional style kitchen. More on soapstone countertop care.

Quartz is a natural product made of stone that's been recombined with other ingredients. Compared to granite, quartz is more uniform and has only small variations in color. Quartz counters are maintenance-free for the most part and don’t need to be sealed. They can stain, but it’s generally pretty stain resistant. Cost is more than most granite but equal or less than the higher priced granites. More on quartz countertop care.

Wood counters can bring warmth to kitchen or bath spaces. Like all countertop material choices, wood has both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is the sheer number of options and style upgrades available. There are a number of wood species to choose from depending on the look and feel you’re going for and how you will be using the countertops. Things to consider before choosing a wood counter include: splitting, moisture, stains and finish. More on wood countertop care.

It has a reputation for being very high-maintenance, but with a little bit of effort it can give your kitchen major wow factor. The pros of marble are that it's one of the less expensive stone countertop options and white marble adds a ton of light and brightness to any kitchen or bath. It also adds a lot of texture. Before choosing marble, consider the maintenance and possibilities for stains. Many design experts claim that marble can stand up to just about anything if a good sealer is used. More on marble countertop care.

Considering a kitchen or bath remodel? Asheville home builder and remodeler, Judd Builders can help you design a space with countertops that are functional and beautiful. We work with skilled designers and craftsmen to bring your vision to life and give your space a fresh, updated look. Call us at (828) 274-4448 to discuss your bath or kitchen remodel.


6 Ceiling Trends that Add Character and Sophistication

Written by Judd Builders on Friday, 29 March 2013. Posted in Asheville Custom Home Builder

Give Your Ceilings the Attention they Deserve

Ceilings are by far the most under-appreciated design area in a house. Let’s face it. They received a really bad reputation during the popcorn ceiling phase of the late 1950s into the 1980s when they were the standard ceiling for American residential construction. We’re on a mission to bring back beautiful ceilings that create inviting spaces for people to gather, eat, sleep and do what they do.

Depending on the materials and colors, ceilings can add brightness, drama, separation, uniqueness and personality to a room. Building custom homes allows us to work with our clients to create rooms with details they will love for years to come. Below you’ll find 6 of our favorite treatments that will save your ceilings from neglect!

Coffered Ceiling

Whether your style is traditional or contemporary, coffered ceilings add a certain je ne sais quoi to any room. A coffered ceiling is considered decorative and consists of recessed panels supported by beams. The panels are typically square but come in other shapes as well. In addition to adding character and value to your home, coffered ceilings can improve acoustics and add the illusion of height.

Tray Ceiling

Tray ceilings can be a luxurious feature in any room in a house. They make a big impression and pain can make them stand out even more. Neutral walls can be dressed up with a contrasting color on a tray ceiling. Painting the tray the same color as the walls will accentuate the tray detail and give the room a layered feel. Another option is to use dark wood molding as shown in the picture below.

Barrel Vaulted Ceiling

These ceilings open up and provide height to a room, giving it an open feel like no other ceiling can. Barrel ceilings can be finished in a wide range of materials, from painted drywall to beadboard and more.

Exposed Wood Trusses

When you think of exposed timbers, rustic spaces come to mind. Many homes built by Judd Builders have a rustic design element to them as we are located in the mountains of Asheville and near many lakes, but exposed wood trusses don’t have to have a cabin or barn feel. If your taste is a little more contemporary, wood trusses can create a modern space when merged with clean and simple surfaces. We love the look of natural wood but whitewash is another option for exposed wood trusses.

Wood Ceilings

Using materials in an unexpected way can add boldness to any room. Using wood can dress up or dress down a space depending on the type and finish of the wood. A matte finish and deep color can stand out in a neutral room with simple flooring. A tone-on-tone wooden scheme creates a consistent look that can be accented with a soft, calming paint color.

Painted Ceilings

Paint is the easiest and most inexpensive way to draw eyes up and enhance a ceiling. Whether the ceiling color compliments, is a bright pop of color or is dark color, a painted ceiling will make the room look more decorated and refined.

Whether you’re looking for an Asheville builder to build your next home or are interested in remodeling your current home, Judd Builders can help you decide which design elements will work for your space and match your design style. Call us today at (828) 274-4448 to discuss a new home or home remodel.


Lots Available Near Asheville - You Buy, We'll Build!

Written by Judd Builders on Friday, 15 March 2013. Posted in Asheville Custom Home Builder

We would love to build your dream home on one of these stunning lots!

Biltmore Forest Beauty – 26 Cedar Hill Drive, Asheville, NC 28803

-1.18 acres
-View of the Biltmore Estate
-Biltmore Forest Neighborhood
-Centrally located in South Asheville

Saluda Mountain Views - 0 Trammel Gap Road, Saluda, NC 28773

-5.66 acres
-Paved driveway
-Year-round mountain views

Private Hendersonville Lot – 0 Berea Church Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28739

-5 acres
-Mountain views
-Creek, pasture and woods

Country Living Close to the City - 1160 Cane Creek Rd, Fletcher, NC 28732

-5.04 acres
-Open pasture surrounded by tall timber
-Year-round mountain views
-15 minute drive to downtown Asheville

Creek Front Mini Farm - 33 Upper Brush Creek Road, Fletcher 28732

-4 acres

-Level property

-Beautiful views

Long Range Views in Edneyville – 00 Mitchell View Dr, Edneyville, NC 28727

-9.42 acres

-Views of Mt. Mitchell, Little Pisgah, Mt. Pisgah and Sugarloaf

-15 minutes to Hendersonville

-40 minutes to Asheville

Are you ready to own a new home but haven’t been able to find one that’s your style or right for your family? Why not consider a purchasing your dream lot and building a custom home? Asheville, NC based custom home builder, Judd Builders, can help guide you during the land selection and throughout the design and home building processes. We join many of our clients as they search for the perfect Asheville lot that meets their wants and needs whether you want farm land, a flat lot, mountain views or waterfront property. We can help you understand any issues with the land that may need to be addressed before building a custom home.


Why Build a Custom Home?

Written by Judd Builders on Friday, 18 January 2013. Posted in Asheville Custom Home Builder

The Advantages of Building a Custom Home

Why Build a Custom Home?

Are you ready to own a new home but haven’t been able to find one that’s your style or right for your family? Why not consider a custom home? Building with Asheville custom home builder, Judd Builders, has numerous advantages you may not have considered compared to buying a pre-existing home.

Advantages of building a custom home:

  • When building a custom home with Judd Builders, you have complete control over each aspect of your home.
  • Ultimately, you decide every product and feature in the house; therefore, you set the budget and work within it or choose to extend it.
  • As a custom home owner, you live in a one-of-a-kind home and can appreciate each of the design choices you made during the building process.
  • The functionality and craftsmanship of your home and its details is to your standards.

Buying a house is the most important purchase during your lifetime. When you build a custom home you feel true ownership that the house is truly and completely yours. It is a feeling like none other. When you work with Judd Builders, you are a member of the team and you’re treated as one. Building a custom home with our Asheville team of sub-contractors and project managers will give you the opportunity to be a part of every step of the design process.

Building a custom home gives you the ability to control budget, design, floor plan and overall style. Why buy a home simply to remodel and spend more money to give it the look you want? Judd Builders will build your house exactly as you want it. Not sure what you want? You can work with one of our partner architects or find your own and we’ll be happy to collaborate with them.

The building process is transparent when you build a custom home in with Judd Builders. Client involvement occurs at all stages of the building process to ensure your expectations are exceeded and you’re happy with the final product. Our team is always available to guide you in design and material choices, as well as answer any questions you may have. We will give you peace of mind during the construction of your custom home!

Call us today at 828-274-4448 to discuss building a custom home in Asheville, Greenville, Spartanburg, Johnson City and the surrounding areas.